Yuma Agricultural Center

Director: Humberto Hernandez
Address: 6425 W 8th St, Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 782-3836
Forms: Available on Compass Website (select "Finance, Accounting & Available Funds")

Center Highlights

  • The Center hosts several Research and Extension programs including plant physiology, crop production, insect biology and control, disease biology and control, weed ecology, soil and water management, fate and transport of environmental contaminants, food safety, and agricultural mechanization.

  • Many of our programs support the high-value vegetable and citrus industries in the lower Colorado River region.

  • The Yuma Agricultural Center has two sites:

    • The 274-acre Valley Farm includes a diversified range of crops, including cotton, small grains, and such vegetables as lettuce and broccoli.

    • The 240-acre Mesa Farm is focused on citrus production.

Resources include:

  • 470 irrigable acres

  • 10,500 ft2 greenhouse

  • 8,800 ft2 shop space

  • 2 meeting rooms

  • Proposed New Research Building (details)