What We Do

The Arizona Experiment Station provides a diverse set of world-class infrastructure essential to generating and disseminating critical knowledge and technologies for Arizona and the world. Delivered from 11 STEM centers across Arizona, the Experiment Station offers 2,600 acres of irrigable land, 122,000 acres of rangeland, 73,600 ft2 of greenhouse space, 450 range cattle, 21,000 ft2 of shop space and 17 meetings rooms, and 49 dorm beds to support research, extension and instruction activities. research support, for use by private and public researchers and educators. To discuss further and arrange a visit to any location, please Contact Mitch McClaran, Director at mcclaran@arizona.edu.

Our STEM centers provide exceptional supporting infrastructure for world-class delivery in Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences education, knowledge generation and economic growth in Arizona for the world.

AES Infrastructure includes: Buildings, Equipment, Land and fields, Utilities (power, water, roads, etc.), Staff, Animals,, Soils, Plants/Vegetation, and Data including climate, soils, use history, genomics SNPS for V-V cattle herd, vegetation changes at Santa Rita.

AES infrastructure is available to many different users in ALVSCE, UArizona, other universities, and private parties on an as-needed/as-available basis. In contrast, Academic Unit's infrastructure is assigned and used at the discretion of the Academic Unit. This infrastructure can be located on AES sites.

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