Director: Keith O. Cannon
Address: 4005 N. Forest Road 618, Rimrock, AZ 86335
Phone: 928-766-0008

Location Highlights V-V Ranch:

Location Highlights: DK Crachiollo

  •  25 acres of small fields for small ruminant production or micro green, vegetable gardens

  • Two meeting rooms for presentations or classes

  • Horse Barn with Paddocks

  • Small Animal barn with turnouts

Herd Working Schedule 2023/2024

  • May 27 Synchronize and Artificial Inseminate Cows

  • September 9-19  Preg check cows with Ultrasound/ Vaccinate

  • October 10 -11  Recheck open cows and wean calves/ Vaccinate calves

  • October 14   Synchronize open cows

  • February 5-8   Process Cows/Palpate for pregnancy/Vaccinate

  • March 5    Artificial Inseminated cows due to start calving

  • March 5     First calf heifers due to start calving

cattle in the field