Artificial Insemination and Synchronization Services

As an educational/community service, synchronization and breeding/artificial insemination services are provided to our local community on a limited basis (as space permits/not to exceed 10 head).

Please call our office for more information. Charges for these services are listed below.
(Last reviewed/updated 01/02/2019.)

Synchronization (per head)
Service/Labor $4.00
CIDR $11.50
Fertagyl $2.50
Estrumate $2.00
Total $20.00
Artificial Insemination – We Provide Semen (per head)
Service/Labor $10.00
Semen, per straw $25.00
Total $35.00
Artificial Insemination – You Provide Semen (per head)
Service/Labor $10.00
Total $10.00
Additional Services
Natural Service – if bull is available (per head) $10.00
Travel – for services provided in the Verde Valley or within a 40 mile radius of the V-V Headquarters (per trip) $10.00
Feed and Yardage – for services provided at V-V Headquarters (per head per day) $2.25