Product R&D

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Applied Biotechnology

Student observing plants

Find ways to use living cells and biological processes to develop products and technologies to feed and clothe a growing population and fight disease. You may choose to specialize in applied biotechnology, food and beverage fermentation, or industrial plant and microbial biotechnology.

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Biosystems Analytics & Technology

students at a computer

Bridge the gap between data science and technology by combining biological, physical, and data sciences with technology. You'll implement new ideas, approaches, and technologies to address global challenges related to our food, water, and energy resources.

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Food Safety

Student inspecting a fruit

Ensure that a high quality and reliable food supply is available to nourish the world's population. You'll learn how to safely produce, package, and distribute food products ranging from produce and poultry to chocolates and baby food.

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Plant Sciences

student observing a plant

Advance discoveries that enable the world's population to grow more with fewer resources. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, and math that you can apply to cutting-edge plant science research including biotechnology and plant breeding.

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Precision Nutrition & Wellness

student inspecting a pill

Revolutionize our approach to nutrition, health, and wellness. Apply the latest technology to assess the risk of developing illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease and to test possible diet and exercise changes using genetic and lifestyle markers.

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