Cyberinfrastructure and Data Pipelines

Providing cyber infrastructure services and solutions for physical and virtual servers for email, web, data, and more.

We offer a variety of web and application hosting services to fit your needs.
Static-HTML Website Hosting: Sites developed in Dreamweaver or other HTML development software that do not require a database.

Database-backed Website Hosting:
This includes Drupal, Wordpress, custom PHP websites, etc.

Need more computing power or file space on dedicated resources? We can help.

Dedicated Virtual Server: 
Your own Linux or Windows server allows you to install any web or database software (which may not be available in the College’s shared hosting environment). Your application(s) will be hosted separately from the rest of the College’s web applications, providing greater performance, dedicated RAM and additional disk space. The virtual server is placed on redundant computing hardware, which keeps your application responsive during a network, storage, or CPU failure. You will get full administrative access to the server and a suite of web-based monitoring tools. This is an alternative to our shared hosting environment and the $200/year hosting fee for database-backed websites.

Working off campus just got easier. Bandwidth Planning: free Our dedicated IT team can work with campus UITS and local telco providers to improve bandwidth to your remote office. We are familiar with the latest in broadband and telephony technologies offered across the state as well as various funding models which may save your unit money.

Utilizing the power of the cloud. Cloud Computing Strategies: flat rate, per estimate Our IT team is continually learning about the latest support from Amazon Web Services, CyVerse, IBM, and other cloud providers that empower you to maximize the cloud.