The Arizona Experiment Station can support your research, instruction, and extension activities, whether you're a public or private researcher or an educator at the University of Arizona or another institution.

Our STEM centers, labs, land and fields, greenhouses, plants, and soils – and much more – facilitates research and education on everything from traditional agriculture to landscape change and cyber technologies. 

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The Experiment Station Centers


The Cyber Experiment Station, also known as the Communications & Cyber Technologies Unit, is a small team of developers, designers, videographers, and system administrators who quickly adapt to changes in technology and industry, keeping CALES and Cooperative Extension on the cutting edge. Our mission is to support faculty and staff in their use of cyber technology as they pursue research, instruction, and outreach objectives.

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The Maricopa Agricultural Center's main focus is on cotton, small grains, alfalfa, and new specialty crops that could be used to provide fibers, oils, pharmaceuticals, etc. The research projects are related to irrigation and crop water requirements, soils and crop fertility, insects and IPM management, cotton production and breeding, new crops and their uses, weed control, cultural management practices, plant diseases, and urban entomology.

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The Safford Agricultural Research Center provides research and service to farmers in a wide area that includes Graham, Greenlee and Cochise counties. Located just outside Safford in Graham County, this 63-acre agricultural center has been a performance testing site in the long staple cotton breeding program for more than 30 years. Solving problems in cotton is a particular focus; variety testing for a number of field crops is another. The Agricultural Center also provides the infrastructure for Cooperative Extension agricultural research throughout the southeastern part of the state.

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Southern Arizona

The Southern Arizona Experiment Station is a network of five agricultural experiment centers located within working proximity to the University of Arizona campus. The network consists of the Campus Agricultural Center (CAC), West Campus Agricultural Center (WCAC), Red Rock Agricultural Center (RRAC), Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER), and the Al-Marah Equine Center (AMEC).

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V Bar V Ranch

The V Bar V Ranch research center addresses environmental, wildlife and domestic livestock issues applicable to Arizona and the Southwest. Vegetation zones, including high desert chaparral, pinyon-juniper, and pine, are typical of those on most of the commercial ranches in central and northern Arizona. The 45 acre Cracchiolo DK Ranch is administered by the V Bar V.

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The Yuma Agricultural Center has two sites: a Valley farm four miles west of Yuma and a Mesa Farm four miles south of the city. The 274-acre Valley Farm includes a diversified range of crops, including cotton, small grains, and such vegetables as lettuce and broccoli. The 240-acre Mesa Farm is focused on citrus production.  

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