Meat & Produce Safety Research

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Animal Sciences

Students inspecting a calf

Transform your interest in animals into a rewarding career by exploring how animals, science, and business can work together to further industry, education, and environmental and human health. You may choose to specialize in industry-business, equine, race track, or science/pre-professional studies.

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Applied Biotechnology

Student observing plants

Find ways to use living cells and biological processes to develop products and technologies to feed and clothe a growing population and fight disease. You may choose to specialize in applied biotechnology, food and beverage fermentation, or industrial plant and microbial biotechnology.

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Food Safety

Student inspecting a fruit

Ensure that a high quality and reliable food supply is available to nourish the world's population. You'll learn how to safely produce, package, and distribute food products ranging from produce and poultry to chocolates and baby food.

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Student inspecting a vial

Find new ways to prevent and treat disease and turn these discoveries into life-saving innovations. You may choose to specialize in food safety and consumer health, plant pathology and microbiology, environmental microbiology, microbial genomics and biotechnology, or medical microbiology.

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Sustainable Plant Systems

students observing crops

Discover innovative plant systems that maximize production, conserve resources, and minimize environmental damage. You may specialize in controlled environment agriculture, environmental horticulture, agronomy, or fresh produce safety, as you focus on creating plant-based solution to feed, clothe and fuel the world's population.

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